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Capitola Beach

Capitola Beach

We enjoy long walks on the beach........ and dramatic looks in front of pink walls..... 


Chris and I got to catch up with my amazing friends during a work trip 2 weeks ago. I call them my personal photographers ;)...  Emma + Kate. Capitola Beach was on our list, and was the cutest little beach town! 

It's one of the oldest seaside town in California, and known for the rows of Venetian, multi-colored bungalows on the beach. A very laid back feel, especially coming from LA, but SO charming!  

  • Parking: street metered spots.
  • Tons of food options!
  • Super walkable. 
  • Easy access to the pier.

See you again soon, little Capitola <3 

Professional photos by Emma Shourds Photography.

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