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Top Makeup Product Picks... For Vacation!!

Top Makeup Product Picks... For Vacation!!

My everyday makeup is usually pretty basic! Even though, of course, I put a lot of products and time into my clients, I like to be ready to go in like 10 minutes (or LESS). I prefer it that way. I think natural/glowing skin and being able to SEE the skin is beautiful, and I try to keep my routine minimal. 

The same goes on my days off or during a little getaway! Usually that means I'm outside/in the sun/active, and I need products to be able to withstand the day without touch ups. 

For me, the products I use have to be:

  • Easy to apply
  • Quick to blend
  • Water/sweat-resistant 
  • Looking flawless without a touch up all day
  • Hydrating


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Makeup Forever Water Blend

This foundation is truly gorgeous and so natural on the skin, and it's WATERPROOF. Poolside for hours, and it's still the perfect amount of dewy-ness! I usually use a disposable damp sponge to apply. It's for sure lighter as far as coverage, but it can be built up. I like to use this all over for a light/medium coverage, then go in with concealer to cover any areas of concern.

Smashbox 24 Hour Waterproof Concealer

Again... waterproof!!! Seriously a game changer. This is what I use on my clients. It gives a great amount of coverage, but still lightweight enough to last really well throughout the day. I'm including in my post today because this is a great option if you'll be by the pool or beach and sweating, but it also looks beautiful on camera and television too.

Stila Heaven's Hue Highlighter

This shade is "kitten", and really pretty on *most* mid-range skin tones actually! I love this product because I never feel like it's overdone. Super easy to blend, and I like applying to the skin before any powder. This almost meshes into the foundation. 

Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion

This is my favorite for a bronze/tan look. It's got a little bit of shimmer to give a subtle glowing look. 

Lorac Eye + Cheek Pallet - Malibu

Just discovered this while walking through Naimies, and I think it's so cute! I have been a fan already of Lorac eye shadows for years. The quality is so good, pigmented, long lasting, easy to blend! 


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