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Point Dume Beach, CA

Point Dume Beach, CA

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You cannot visit LA without making a trip to Point Dume Beach. Doesn't really count as "travel" for us, because we are lucky enough to live 40 miles away. One of my best friends Moriah visited recently, and before we took her, I said "This is going to be the best part of your trip, so you know. Nothing else will be more beautiful, and you'll be ruined!!". She agreed! Haha! 

This is a beach that definitely has locals and people around, but secluded and private compared to somewhere like Santa Monica or Venice. Production companies are always filming something here every time I go. On the beach there is plenty of parking ($6 for the day), and all the way down there are these awesome hiking trails. Not too difficult, and the view is SO worth it. Rocky, coastal views on either side!!! 

In a city that never stops moving and working, it's nice to be able to make a quick drive, refocus, and breath some fresh air (not sure how "fresh" though, tbh). 

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