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Healthy and hydrated hair during the summer heat!!! ItsALifestyleBlog.com

When we think *beach trip*, we usually think SPF. Which is fantastic! I would say most people remember their skin before going out into the sun, but who's thinking about their hair

It's so, so important to use moisturizing and hydrating products for your hair - in general and in life - but especially during summer in the sun. Color treated hair can become even more damaged. 

Here's my product breakdown for Healthy and Hydrated hair.

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Leave-In Conditioner

First up, Kristin Ess. (You already knew I had to throw one of her products in the mix, right?) This leave-in product is wonderful for tangles..... the longer my hair keeps getting, the more I'm having to deal with that. I spray and brush through as soon as I get out the shower.


This is a super creamy, hydrating product from Matrix. It's a must if you have color-treated hair. I spray in while wet, but also apply when my hair is dry as needed. Whenever I feel like a need a little moisture, I'll apply mainly to the ends.

Thermal Styling Spray

If you have seen any other blog post, then you've definitely seen this Kenra spray for sure. It's what I've used on myself and my clients before heat-styling my hair. Can be used on wet or dry hair.

Moroccan Oil Treatment

LOVE this stuff. It's an oil, without feeling too oily... does that make sense? LOL. I use this when my hair is dry, and direct most of the product towards the middle/ends. This will add a ton of moisture and shine to the hair!! 

Point Dume Beach, CA

Point Dume Beach, CA